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Women's leather oxford shoes: how to choose and where to use

For some people, ladies' oxford shoes might seem like footwear for those with picky taste, but in reality, it all depends on the model and what you pair them with when creating new outfits for yourself. These elegant shoes, flat or with platforms, will help you explore your perfect styling. Go for a pair of PU leather women's platform oxfords in all black with white soles, or go for a variant with the opposite colour combination. A set would be even better since you would alternate both pairs with any outfit idea you can come up with when preparing for a special occasion or stay on track with trends even in your daily life. Red leather oxfords shoes for women can complement an outfit for many occasions and make you look like a queen in a matter of seconds with that confident walk of yours. Be it streetwear or a formal suit or dress, don't be afraid to mix different pieces and experiment; expanding your fashion horizons and leather oxford shoes will be a helpful tool for that.

Platform oxfords and their variety

  1. Lace-up women's platform oxfords - a good old combination of a lace-up design with platforms will always be a trick you can use if you're unsure of your outfit in general. Add oxfords with laces and a bag of matching colour, spread some accessories on your fit, and you're all set to go! Layer a jacket or a coat on top as well for colder days and enjoy the comfort and style you're carrying around. Add a pair to a formal outfit, and you will be amazed by how on ease you will feel after switching from high heels. And if you're a fan of shoes like oxfords in general, this feeling will feel like home to you.
  2. Chunky oxford shoes - those are always fun to mix with different fits and will serve you for a long time both aesthetically and in terms of your comfort. Go for a pair of classic full-on black chunky oxford shoes for women with heels and pair them with skinny jeans, leggings, a mini skirt or mini shorts with fishnets - this combo is perfect for night parties or rock concerts. Channel your inner rock princess and have fun wearing these. For an unforgettable look, you can go for a pair of chunky black pumps with red hearts on them and pair them with an outfit that includes the same element. The harmony in your complete look will not leave you disappointed for sure.

Here at HARD'N'HEAVY, we offer the best women's oxford shoes, and while browsing our collection, you can find not only your dream platform oxfords, flat oxfords or chunky oxfords with heels; but also various other pieces to pair your new purchase with! Pants and leggings, jackets, coats, bags and many more items are waiting for you to alternate your fantastic new footwear with them.