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Choice of the season: a casual coat or a gothic coat?

As colder seasons approach, it gets harder to style your clothes together as the layering can become tiring and lower your fashion creativity. However, fear not; if you need a fabulous gothic coat that will provide you with both comfort and excellent style, then you’re in the right place here at HARD’N’HEAVY. Our vast collection has coats for various seasons and occasions. If you prefer keeping things neat and straightforward, you can change the game here and go for a simple cosy hooded coat instead of extra looking coats, paired with a pullover and jeans or a long trench one with a contrasting shirt, sleek pants and comfortable, elegant shoes. However, if you’re always up for some risky fashion decisions and consider yourself a true alternative lady - we got you covered. Pick up a gothic leather trench coat to add it on top of your outfit for a mysterious look and security as well. We offer affordable coats of various lengths, sizes, materials and designs just for you. We keep up with the worldwide alternative trends for you to shop here without hesitation, and you will find the coat that will represent who you are the best. Whether you wish to dress up for a daily walk, a meeting or a dinner with friends, our coats can serve you just right. Pair a classy black trench coat with jeans and your favourite shirt, add cool boots into the mix as well as matching accessories – a complete outfit is all ready for you to wear and enjoy yourself anywhere you go.

A gothic trench coat is one of the most excellent fashion tools

At HARD’N’HEAVY, we try our best to keep up with the hottest alternative trends, which also covers various other styles, gothic included. Such outerwear pieces as gothic trench coats are not limited to their respective type if you let your fashion creativity shine in all of its glory. The same goes for the occasion where you’d wear your potential next coat. Wonder how to make it work? Here are some interesting ways of styling such products: Casual – Yes, you read that right. You can include a rock-inspired design in your daily outfits to add a new feel to them. Combine neat pieces of clothing, finish it all off with your cool outerwear, and you’ll look fabulous, having fun while still keeping things simple and composed to a certain degree. Mix&match – Pair your gothic item with those of different styles that may seem similar but, in reality, differ in certain aspects. A punk T-shirt with denim bottoms and chunky shoes or grunge shirts with ripped jeans, platform boots and leather backpacks – no weather can scare off your sense of style and confidence! Going all out – Let’s say you need a fit for a cosplay party. A gothic leather trench coat, a cool hat, leggings that have a wet look, followed by high heels – you’ll look more impressive portraying any fierce character than the characters themselves ever did! For a concert or a rock party, you can stay mysterious, not revealing too much of your body or your fit, but still, leave everyone speechless. Pair your gothic coat for women with some leather shorts or a mini-skirt and a matching top; add a lovely choker with details that will keep everyone’s eyes on you and enjoy yourself rocking your gorgeous outfit around. Shop with us now, and you will be amazed by how many fun combinations you can create by pairing together items you could never imagine blending into one outfit that well. HARD’N’HEAVY will be your guiding hand in your learning journey. Explore our vast collections, plan and pick your dream outfits and get the confidence boost you deserve! If you'd prefer to own high-quality rock style coats, search here at HARD'N'HEAVY.STORE. We present to you modern alternative coats in a big selection of types, styling, materials and length. Wear a coat over any rock outfit, and you're instantly catapulted to the upper crust of the alternative style world. Our exclusive coats not solely build a rock statement they are tailored to make you warm and cosy throughout nasty days. These outer clothes are versatile enough to be worn with numerous outfits for ladies. Wear them with shirts and jeans, skirts and tops or drape them over a dress.