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The purpose and functionality of gothic gloves, classic pieces and more styles

As colder seasons approach us, it is about time to ensure your hands will be all warm and protected. Stock up on new pieces and keep your fingers cosy and safe. While those items have a great function, don't forget to consider different styles, too. Think about the best ways of expressing your own style even though showing off your gloves, shine brightly during wither days. Go for classic knitted ones or sleek looking black leather gloves to make a true alternative fashion statement. Gothic gloves will be an amazing choice for a matching outfit. Go for a fierce outfit and add gothic gloves as the cherry on top; you will be amazed by the results.

How to choose appropriate gloves and style them. Punk gloves and more options to express yourself

Such items hold as much importance as any other element of your outfit. Some main factors to consider when choosing a pair to purchase are:
  1. Styling — As much as you need to keep yourself warm, it doesn't have to take away from your fashion self-expression. Opt for gloves in black, brown, or grey - universal colour schemes. Pair them with a cool long warm coat as well as denim jeans and combat boots for a fierce, yet cosy look and you're all set!
  2. Weather — The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing to go outside is the temperature and overall state of the outside world. If you live somewhere where it's usually rainy during fall and winter, gloves are definitely a must. If your occupation requires hard work outside, opt for tactical gloves or military-style ones for a guaranteed thickness and protection. Pair them with a thick wool coat and you will be able to resist even the strongest wind & snow force. Always make sure the pair you got for yourself has a good stretch to it so that it fits nicely anytime.
  3. Functionality — Depending on what you need new pieces for, look at our wide collection of different pairs of warm gloves and pick what's best for you. Lace gloves for a cosplay party indoors or long leather ones for a performance? Or maybe you're in need of a pair or two (just to be safe) fingerless biker gloves for driving your favourite bike with friends in the long run? Punk rock semi-finger gloves are a great choice for a biker event or a rock concert, very comfortable and stylish - no need to take them off anytime you need to answer a call or grab something, and yet your hands are kept warm and protected. Punk gloves are just it for such occasions. Goth fingerless leather gloves with skulls and chains will be a perfect choice for a rock-themed photoshoot or a performance at a local concert or a big festival. Look like a true icon rocking them on stage and inspire others to follow the true rockstar spirit as well!
Here at HARD'N'HEAVY, we offer a large variety of gloves for men, women, and unisex options to adapt to any personality and preference as well as weather conditions and styling mood of the event or occasion you strive to find perfect elements for. Shop now, compare different items and pick what feels best for you!