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The various elements of chain jewelry: lock chain, links etc. and how they work in fashion

Want to link (quite literally) your wishes and preferences together? It's possible with the help of our chain jewelry collection! HARD'N'HEAVY offers you unique outstanding pieces of body chain designs for various body parts. And if you're feeling risky, you can alternate them and wear them in a different way from what they're initially planned to look like, pairing them with other jewellery items. A lock chain link necklace with no extra elements on it could work amazing for you.

Regardless of what kind of scene you consider yourself a part of - we have items that will suit several styles, price expectations, and preferences. We understand how loyal you are to your favourite earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Still, it can't hurt to try something entirely new! Explore our wide variety of such jewelry to add new colours to your usual wardrobe. Lock chains, punk chain pendants, layered necklaces - experiment and enjoy.

How to pick your best match and alternate between styles: layered chain necklace or a belt?

Depending on how revealing you're willing to get, there are different items from simple chain belts to suspenders.

  1. Wondering what suspenders look like in that styling? It's an item that is a choker necklace that splits into several links. They go down your body to your sides and is usually decorated with gothic chain elements in between them, holding them together. It looks impressive with gothic outfits for photoshoots or rock parties.
  2. Chain belts can also reach quite risky alternative fashion levels. A leather belt with chains on the sides is the right choice. You can also go for a full belt consisting exclusively of thin chains all over. You can wear it on top of a slim-fit shirt or a crop top. It will look cool, playing a contrast between all the materials involved and creating your style by taking inspiration from different alternative subcultures.

For a cool, edgy clothing look, you can opt for a short or long sleeve shirt with a mini skirt and your favourite shoes with or without stockings and add a cool layered chain necklace on top. That would make the outfit stand out even more as the chains on it goes down to your thighs and look amazing when you're dancing around - but be careful!

However, suppose you're not into extra outfits and like to blend with the crowd more, but not entirely. In that case, you can try out a simple lock chain necklace or a layered chain necklace that consists of one on one side and two of a different shape on the other, all linked by a hoop ring in the front. Such an exciting item thanks to it having various forms all in one - unique yet simple. Or you can go harder on it and choose a chunky chain necklace for a more powerful look.

Here at HARD'N'HEAVY, we offer a massive stock of various items that will suit any personality and taste. Look into our chain jewellery collection to find what fits the occasion and the style direction you tend to follow. Gothic jewellery, steampunk jewellery, or on the opposite, more modest and straightforward items are waiting for you here!