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The variety of bracelets; leather bracelets and their power in fashion

If you're in search of new cool bracelets or sets to add some fresh feel to your jewellery collection - you're in the right place at the right time. Whether it's gothic pieces with skeleton details to rock at your local shows or a braided bracelet for a summer festival - we can provide you with both and even more!

Our collections are very inclusive. You can find leather bracelets for women, men's leather bracelets, unisex leather ones - this type of bracelet is among the most popular ones; studded bracelets with metal details look incredibly cool as an addition to an alternative outfit.

Whether you're into thin or wide wristbands, you can find something that will best fit your taste. Goth spiked bracelets with skull buckles will add a creepy yet beautiful feel to your rock fashion outfit. Punk bracelets with contrasting elements will help you out in finishing your look for the night out in a split second. Experiment, create an alternative, gothic, steampunk fashion, and many more kinds of looks. Use them for cosplay parties, rock concerts, festivals, photoshoots, and just for a fun walk with friends if you're feeling extra enough to show off your skull accessories!

Rock, vintage, gothic bracelets. How to style bracelets to your best ability

When choosing your perfect bracelet, there are some factors you have to keep in mind.

1. Style: How To Find Your Own

Carefully think of what kind of fashion you or the person you're picking a gift for tend to follow the most. If you're more into rockstar fashion, you might like sleek black items with metal details. If your favourite bands don't put out much merch or it's overpriced - don't worry. Our collection has pieces available for all kinds of budget. Black leather cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, or pieces decorated with metal chains - all of these and many more are available for you.

If you want to create a vintage fashion look, you can go for vintage or gothic bracelets with dragon, axe and other cool items representing the theme you are going for. Pair your new cool bracelets with other jewellery and clothing pieces that are suitable for the occasion you're building an outfit for.

2. Size Is The Key

Once you picked the style you want to go for, it's necessary to know the right size. Make sure to measure your wrist with a tape and add about an inch to the result. Doing that will guarantee your new accessory will fit nicely.

Some pieces look cool when they're a bit loose and paired up with tighter ones. You can mix different types on both arms and experiment with possible combinations as much as you want; there are no rules!

3. How To Combine With Other Items

You can mix a couple of simple bracelets for a fun, edgy or vintage look, pairing them with cool rings. Besides, you can mix different materials as well, like leather gothic bracelets with beaded ones. You can choose one of any sort for a more casual outfit and pair it up with a plaid shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Are you a true watch enthusiast that wants to refresh their jewellery collection? Choose thin bracelets that will not get in the way of your watch yet still look amazing next to it. Now that you have more knowledge of bracelets, it's about time to own one! Start by browsing our fantastic collection and picking the ones you like best! Shop for your own collections or for gifts to express your love and gratitude to your loved ones. HARD'N'HEAVY offers a great variety of gorgeous items that will satisfy personalities with different preferences.