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A gothic skirt or a casual skirt? How to learn to mix & match both

Our variety of stylish women's skirts is waiting just for you. Alternate your outfits between short and long skirts, incorporate different materials and designs, and you'll get to express yourself through your impressive looks fully. Experiment as much as your heart desires with the best picks from HARD'N'HEAVY. Go for a look that is a mixture of different styles: pair a gothic skirt with sportswear pieces for a striking contrast or flip the switch and pick up a colourful cotton skirt with a wet-look leather top - risk it all for the sake of fashion. Wear an alternative skirt with a long-sleeve white blouse and matching accessories to create an outfit on the fine line between a fierce and a classy look. Or pair a gothic skirt with a nice crop top - a fantastic fit for the festival you're going to is guaranteed! If you wish to accentuate the skirt and make it the highlight of your fit, pair it with pieces that won't overshadow it but complement it in the best way. Just like that, your outfit will impress everyone with how well its elements go together. Whatever your choice is, of course, don't forget a matching purse for your belongings and some dope shoes to finish off the look!

The diversity of skirt looks - from a leather skirt to a cute ruffle skirt

There are plenty of different designs and kinds for you to pick from. For genuine alternative princesses, leather skirts, for example, are essential. But there are also endless different opportunities for you to show your true self. Let's imagine what combinations could work the best for you:
  1. Power and strong presence - If you wish to create a daily outfit with some edgy feel or a full-on rockstar style look - leather skirts are beneficial. To create a celebrity-like cool look, try combining a leather skirt with a leather purse of a matching colour scheme and some high heel shoes; put a leather jacket on too, if you feel like it - such an excellent way to stand out in any crowd! To add more spice, you can also use various gothic accessories, punk ones, or any other style that fits the alternative fashion tendencies.
  2. Keep it simple - If you, however, wish to stay on a more modest and reserved side of the fashion spectrum, you can go for a long or a short ruffle skirt! Pair it up with some adorable sandals and a light, breathable top, prioritize your comfort while also staying stylish. Again, accessories could come in handy here! Cute jewellery with colourful details will create a new feel to your outfits, and altogether they'll look amazing under the sunlight.
  3. The middle ground - A plain top or a T-shirt with a minimalistic print will create a fantastic contrasting look paired with an alternative skirt, especially if you add some chunky boots and cool chain accessories. When paired with jackets and tops of different kinds, any of those pieces of clothing can adjust to most styles, so the creativity is all yours here!
Here at HARD'N'HEAVY we have a large variety of skirts just for you: whether you need a sleek formal look or an extra rockstar vibe, you name it - we got it. Rock your new mini skirt and don't look back or go for a long one to keep a mysterious feel to your outfits. Follow your heart and rush to your next adventure with our skirts for rock souls. To creating a mind-blowing alternative rock style look you have to make sure that your wardrobe has the proper type of rock attire and not simply mainstream wear that is very common. So, this is the time to skip those blue jeans and different pants for a while and think about the ubiquitously female and form-flattering wardrobe staple the skirt! Rock 'n' roll style skirts not just enhance your femininity but additionally add charm to your overall alternative look. There are various skirt styles to suit every woman's distinctive need habits and styles. You'll be able to choose from a variety of long skirts, short skirts, pleated skirts or pencil skirts. Take a look at the superb line of skirts that HARD 'N' HEAVY has, and choose among different designs in line with your preferences. Fancy to create a daily outfit with a slight edge, try to pair punk rock style bold mini skirt with high heels and a leather jacket. Go even further and layer with accessories such as a cool bracelet and a black leather purse. You can complement the skirt with jewellery such as skull rings or pendants or even a temporary tattoo on your arm. And don't undervalue the power of little details. If you want your new, edgy skirt to stand out - pick items that compliment it. Plain or Printed T-shirt looks gorgeous with a miniskirt and plain black leggings or tights. Wear this look with an edgy coat and a pair of platform boots, or try it with a hoodie or sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers. Look through our collection of skirts to get yourself a perfect outfit.