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Platform sandals for women: sandals in the daily life, fashion perspective and their variety

Gear up for the hot summer days with our quality platform sandals for women and exclude any chances of the extra swear and uncomfortable feelings ruining your fun times. Be that out with friends, significant other or solo trips, be it a quick run to the mall or a long run summer vacation near the beach - mind your comfort first. Of course, this kind of footwear is undeniably best for more casual and relaxing occasions. It's unlikely that you will be able to sit through a long day of work meetings or perform intense activities wearing these, so as long as you mind the place and the occasion, you will be just fine. Browse our collection for ladies, and you indeed will find something that fits your preferences or seems right for a new fashion challenge, as in a pair that is totally out of your usual perspective on sandals, but you're up for a nice change. Some new approaches to styling sandals in that process are:
  1. Drastic and slight changes
For example, if you're normally more into the stereotypically "girly" stuff with decorations in the shape of hearts, flowers, wear bright glittery sandals. And now you crave to own some chunky platform sandals with buckles that are more on the tough side of the fashion design variety. Leather sandals come in handy at all times; you could also try adding some accessories to your simple sandals and make them look more fun.
  1. A new approach = confidence boost
Pick rock sandals, pair them with your favourite dope outfits, be it skinny jeans and a crop top or denim overalls with nice accessories - the choice is up to you; besides, you can always alternate the items and mix them with each other, being able to create several outfits with the same bunch of items. Gothic sandals with a gorgeous mini dress - perfect example of combining the two very polar aesthetics.

Gladiator sandals and how to style them

At HARD'N'HEAVY, we welcome you into the world of the many kinds of sandals. Take a closer look at gladiator sandals for women that are, by the way, always in the top hottest trends! Those are super fun to coordinate with different outfits, be it an already made up outfit that could use some change in the footwear section or, let's say, you're creating a fabulous look from scratch - if you like the look of chunky gladiator sandals in there - definitely try that out. Our collection offers various pieces that can fit your shoe collection just right. Pick your size and colour, get your dream style you've wanted to try for ages or shop for something you're already familiar with and trust. Whichever path you take, we will guide you and bring the best fashion women's sandals to you.