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Level up - the wide range of fashion possibilities with chunky heels, strappy heels and more

Heels are indeed something that can transform your entire look, turn it upside down and upgrade it to a sky-high level of beauty. Smaller or extra-high is totally up to you; however, both options work equally well when you pair them with the right outfits, learn to alternate and mix, opening new doors for yourself in the great thing that fashion is. With chunky heels, it’s explicitly entertaining to dive into new beginnings in your fashion journey. Indeed, thin heels are classy, elegant, and all kinds of excellent. However, as far as history goes, for most personalities that love them some height increasing action, chunky high heels feel more comfortable and secure compared to thin options. Our collection offers a large variety of this footwear coming in various shapes, models, colours, designs etc., and you can definitely find something for yourself here, whether it’s the style you usually go for or a pair that is so out of your bubble that it will amaze you and everyone around you once you put them on - our stock covers it all and more. There are several ways of expanding your mindset when it comes to shoes like that, and here are some of our suggestions:
  1. Chunky heel sandals for hot summer nights with a cocktail dress or pretty overalls? Sure thing! Or maybe you want to go for a dark, e-girl kind of vibe, mixing ripped jeans and a crop top with chain jewellery and chunky platform heels? Go for it!
  2. A simple pair of chunky strappy heels with little to no details will work wonders for fancy occasions and days when you feel like looking neat and expensive. Pair those with a tight mini dress or a suit for a luxurious look, accompanied by a nice purse and matching accessories.
  3. Chunky high heels decorated with rivets, buckles, laces or all of the above together for a party look is an excellent choice. See, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to this kind of footwear. It’s essential to find your colour (or not and just follow your heart), learn to alternate well and think of your comfort before anything else.

Gothic heels and their variety: rock high heels, punk heels and their fashion power

It’s time to channel your inner rockstar and unveil the charms you’ve been hiding in your cute cozy outfits! Pick up a pair of gothic high heels for a fun experiment, and HARD’N’HEAVY will be your guide in this new journey for you. Of course, you can still keep it relatively simple and composed, yet add a fascinating detail like shiny buckles or a pair of full-on matte gothic platform heels decorated with chains all over them - fabulous for various outfits! Gothic high heel boots will not only increase your height but confidence as well! If you’ve been craving a drastic change, punk heels are here to help as well! For a performance, photoshoot or a fun night out in a club, pick a pair of those and match them with a hot outfit - you’ll look fantastic. Rock high heels will transform your look into an actual rock princess with ease; just try and learn what combinations work best for you, and you will always be confident with your looks and vibes! Here at HARD’N’HEAVY, we will gladly help you out in picking your desired heels for days and years ahead!