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The many ways to go about footwear; gothic platform shoes and more

Your shoes are just as crucial for your outfits as everything else they consist of. Imagine how much a pair that fits your preferences, personality, and overall theme of your wardrobe can boost your confidence! Browse our vast collection, and you will find something that will represent who you are best. HARD’N’HEAVY will perform a role of a guiding hand in your exploring journey as you pick out your dream platform heel boots. Experience the variety to the fullest with us and have fun creating new outfits with your gorgeous shoes:

  1. Gothic platform shoes - there are several ways to incorporate these into your fashion routine. It can be simple-looking yet still goth style platforms, or, on the opposite, those with various extra elements like little chains and other items for a contrasting look that you can find matching jewellery for as well. Pair your new gothic platform shoes with your prepared fit for a themed party or a photo shoot and enjoy the results. Your overflowing confidence and a fierce look will leave everyone around you speechless when you enter the room wearing your gorgeous new boots with a gothic dress or a set of some of your favourite pieces of clothing, accompanied by fantastic accessories.
  2. Platform sneakers for women - high platform sneakers can transform your simple fit into something entirely new and unique! Mix and match a pair of cool sneakers with chunky heels that aren’t too high, just enough to give a little boost to both your height and confidence - perfect choice. You can pick a pair made in all black to match with an all-black outfit or, pretty much, any colour scheme possible since black is universal. Or, on the opposite, get a pair with thick white platforms for an incredible contrast of the most extraordinary black&white mixture. Platform sneakers are fun to work with, and we can assure you of that with our fantastic pieces.

Chunky platform shoes: how to choose and style them

Chunky platform shoes are a winning point for various outfits. You automatically win the fashion game when you find a pair that makes you feel comfortable and confident! Pair these with your favourite skinny jeans for a nice shape or a mini skirt or a dress for a fun look. Spiked platform boots will make a great addition to an alternative fashion-inspired outfit for a concert or a rock event, no doubt. Increase your height if you wish to use this kind of footwear as a helping hand, and you will surely enjoy the finished product that is your new gorgeous outfit. Experiment with your style and mix these with different pieces and have fun doing it. Browse our collection of chunky platform shoes and enjoy your fashion path together with us! HARD'N'HEAVY offers this and more: platform combat boots for fierce looks, platform sandals for summer walks and many more just for you.