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Earrings and their variety: goth earrings and many more
Who doesn't enjoy wearing some cool earrings or plugs to show off with an equally cool outfit? It's no news that adding a fitting pair of those can change your entire fit, making it stand out much more than it would initially. Goth earrings mixed with matching necklaces, chokers, rings -such a fabulous look. Steampunk stud earrings with captivating patterns, simple plugs with a metallic look, gothic cross earrings, hoops of various sizes and shapes; besides, we also offer cool piercing items like nose hoops - all for you!

Here at HARD'N'HEAVY, we provide a great variety of jewellery pieces from an affordable price to a more luxurious type of items; our collections are inclusive to everyone. Whether you need studs, hoops or stretchers - you can find all of the above and even more in our large variety of goods. If you need something new and fresh for your outfits to be unmatched, we got you covered. From simple hoops to tunnel plugs with various details on them (skulls, pentagrams, hearts and many more), we can provide you with the best pieces for your collection.

Goth earrings, tunnel earrings, skull earrings and more - it all can be found here.
Earrings plugs, tunnel plugs and more
Follow our simple guide on how to choose the best items for your edgy outfits.

First things first, think of what style you're going for. Indeed, you can mix any styles if you wish - your choice is entirely in your hands. But matching items of the same alternative fashion direction makes you shine even more. Think of how each combination would work depending on what kind of clothing and makeup you're planning to wear and think of how each combination would work. This thought process will let your imagination shine and make shopping so much easier! Also, you have to consider what occasion you need the items for and choose accordingly. Stone plugs with massive skulls on them won't work very well at a formal meeting. But if you stock on enough of both those and simple ones to alternate between your office hours and personal fun time well. Earrings styled like plugs can be adapted to different occasions depending on their design. The theme of the event you're planning to attend also matters a lot. Will you need gothic hoop earrings to fit in the dark concept of the party you've been anticipating? Or pieces of witch jewelry for a cosplay night with your friends? Think carefully and decide for yourself while browsing through various offers.
Second, think of your budget. Can you get yourself some sets or is it better to stick to one option and alternate it with different fits? Think it through while planning your next outfit! Besides, it determines what kind of material you will be focusing on. And make sure to do enough research on all of the materials used in the item you choose to avoid inconveniences later.
Next, think of what kind of combination you're searching for. For nose hoops, there are several different shapes and colours as well as tiny details that make them look even more distinctive on your face, and you have to choose right for your own comfort. Small ear gauges or larger wooden ear gauges also work amazing with various outfits and match other accessories well.

The choice of the right pieces of jewellery is often heavily influenced by your face shape. If we talk about earrings, some make your face wider; some make it look slimmer, shorter/longer and so on. Shop now and create new mind-blowing outfits with ease!