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Belts as fashion tools: the art of going back and forth between a casual and gothic belt

Are you looking for cool belts and buckles to add some finishing touches to your cool alternative outfit? Here at HARD'N'HEAVY, we offer a large variety of the said items of excellent quality that will look nice on you and compliment any fit. Whether you're looking for something simple and casual or extraordinary and risky we can help you out with both.

When you need unique belt buckles and belts, you can find several incredible pieces in our enormous collection that fit all personalities, no matter who you are. Pick sets of belts and buckles to alternate them for different outfits and different occasions. Pair them up with mini skirts, cargo pants, ripped jeans, biker jeans, chunky boots, sneakers, and many more matching pieces of clothing and footwear.

You can try out different styling - from a simple piece adding some classy touch to a risky outfit full of grunge fashion details or a studded gothic belt made of leather serving as a contrasting detail on a simple monochrome outfit, don't be afraid to experiment and rock your new perfect outfits with pride and confidence!

Styling with various outfits - a fierce punk rock belt or a cute chain belt?

Here are some things to remember:
  1. Freedom of choice - Finding a perfect belt is not as hard as it might seem at first. Those pieces are initially just functional items anyway, but if you want them to have a stylish look to fit your outfits, it is possible to make that come true. There are endless possibilities of getting creative with it. If you take a black leather punk rock belt and alternate different shaped buckles with it, there are already several different outfits that can be made following this pattern, mixing styles and themes.
  2. Follow your heart - When creating your new fit, first and foremost, keep your preferences in mind. For a ladies night, pick a mini skirt or shorts and add a chain belt made from linked moon shapes and add matching earrings or a necklace to finish it off, such a great outfit for night parties! Guys are free to alternate different items as well; if you are more into casual style but wish to add something extra when you don't know what to wear to a rock concert, pick a graphic t-shirt with a skull on it, black jeans, combat boots and a sleek black punk rock belt with a skull buckle to match your shirt.
  3. Experiment - A belt with chains or studs is an item that fits various outfits and adds diversity to your collection. Pair it up with ripped jeans and a leather jacket as well as your favorite boots for a rock festival or a concert, jump around to the beat of the drums blasting from the stage, and have fun wearing your studded belt rocking it loud and proud. Your comfort comes first and if being comfortable and looking stylish at the same time is possible, go for it!
Browse our collection and pick waist belts, leather belts, studded belts and many more to create new stunning looks everywhere you go; step into the party, making everyone's heads turn when you walk by and be confident while doing so!