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Put a ring on it: bless your fingers with goth rings

Purchasing cool rings is much easier if you do it with HARD'N'HEAVY! We offer a large variety of pieces suitable for any occasion and personality. Skull rings, goth rings, and many other fantastic variations are waiting here just for you. The variety of colours, shapes and sizes will satisfy any rock soul out there! Whether you're into darker stuff with skull details and other creepy stuff or something more modest like a classic stainless steel look, you name it - we got it! The affordability of some of those items may surprise you, but yes, our price range is friendly for many kinds of budgets. Our mens and womens goth rings come in thinner and massive sizes, with and without 3D details on top; they can be plain or have stones as decorations; we also have unisex pieces. The possibilities of true rock fashion freedom are endless here. Our rings are made of excellent quality materials and will stay in good condition for a long time. Experiment with confidence, pair massive goth rings with biker outfits or add stainless steel rings to an edgy outfit to shine brighter than anyone in the crowd and make fashion statements left and right.

The variety: go for a skull ring or keep it simple

While browsing our vast collection, you might find yourself liking something you'd never imagine yourself even trying on. Isn't that awesome? Tastes and preferences evolve and change, and it's a sign of you growing as a person, so don't be scared by that sudden urge to try something new and do it! Compare different rings and experiment with them. Try out a skull ring with a modest outfit for a fun contrast. Or, on the opposite, add a simple stainless steel ring to your extra alternative fashion outfit to add a metallic look, but simple enough for it to not take away the attention that your clothing and shoes are supposed to receive. Be unpredictable with your choices and surprise everyone around you with your fun fashion decisions. Some factors you need to remember while shopping for rings: size, style, and material.
  1. Size - Make sure to measure your finger size correctly, so you don't lose your precious items, and on the opposite, they're not too tight on you.
  2. Style - As for styling, carefully think if there's a specific occasion you're in search of such an item for or want to stock on some, so you have various pieces on hand for when you need them. Once you analyze this, you can have a clearer picture of what kind of style you wish to go for in outfits. For example, we have a collection of skull rings for men, skull rings for women etc.
  3. Material - Material wise, look for metals that are comfortable for you to wear and you like their look. Most rings are based on stainless steel usage - excellent quality and a cool visual are guaranteed!
Here at HARD'N'HEAVY, we try to provide you with items that will satisfy all your wishes and needs to our best ability. Browse our extensive collection of gothic, punk, skull rings and many more!