A man with a long, well-groomed beard and bald head is giving the rock and roll sign with his right hand. He wears a black leather jacket and denim vest with a patch of the American flag on the right side.
A man with a long beard and mustache in a rock gesture, wearing a black leather jacket and vest with a U.S. flag patch, and dark jeans.



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How can ROCK be a feeling? It's hard to believe, but it is. Express yourself and let the appearance match your soul.

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Whoa, HARD’N’HEAVY is the real deal! I found the perfect punk outfit on their site that’s just oozing with style. It's not just clothing, it's a statement, man! Now when I walk down the street, I feel like a true rocker, all thanks to hardnheavy.style. They get me, y’know?

Jayden Smith

Feel like a true rocker

HARD’N’HEAVY is my go-to for all things goth and gorgeous. The selection is massive and every piece just screams ‘me’. It’s like they reached into my rock soul and pulled out everything I didn’t know I needed. Now my look is as edgy as my playlists. This store is a game-changer!

Lila Fernandez


If you've got a rock soul, HARD’N’HEAVY is your place. I snagged this killer skull ring and a rock necklace that turns heads everywhere I go. It's more than fashion, it's about expressing who you really are. I feel more 'me' than ever before, all decked out in my HARD’N’HEAVY gear from hardnheavy.style.

Tom Hart

I feel more 'me' than ever before

All I can say is WOW. HARD’N’HEAVY helped me unleash my inner rock goddess with the coolest alternative earrings and rock-style accessories. I stand out in every crowd and feel totally confident and beautiful. It's not just a store, it's a lifestyle, and I am living for it at hardnheavy.style!

Riley Adams

It's not just a store, it's a lifestyle

Finding HARD’N’HEAVY has been a revelation. I’ve filled my place with their awesome DIY room decor in punk and rock 'n' roll styles. My space is now as unique and rockin’ as I am. It’s not just about looking great, it’s about a whole rock lifestyle and hardnheavy.style totally delivers.

Alex Monroe

Finding HARD’N’HEAVY has been a revelation.

Every piece I buy from HARD’N’HEAVY just adds to my unique rock style. I'm not your average girl, and this store gets that. Whether it’s clothing or accessories, everything is just perfect for a rock soul like me. Shopping at hardnheavy.style is always an experience, not just a purchase.

Mia Kim

It's always an experience, not just a purchase.

HARD’N’HEAVY - Alternative Fashion Store For Those With Rock Souls


HARD’N’HEAVY online rock store is one of the best places where you, rock style lover, can create an exquisite rock style outfit. In our alternative fashion online shop, every true rocker can find goods to his or her taste. Are you a gothic clothing fan? HARD’N’HEAVY has to offer you a wide variety of goth outfits and rock style clothing. Punk clothing, rock n roll clothing, alternative clothing, no matter what style you prefer, we will help you to create a truly magnificent look. Rock-style accessories and jewellery are an irreplaceable supplement to achieve real integrity in your rock image. Discover a vast selection of accessories and alternative jewellery such as skull rings, rock necklaces, alternative earrings and many others. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Gothic Rock and Punk rock, Rock n Roll and Jazz-Rock – all these are not just music genres, it is a way of seeing and living life. We claim that hardnheavy.style is one of the best places to indulge in rock fashion and metal culture. Shop now, create your own rock style with HARD’N’HEAVY.

Imagine yourself on a busy street walking through a crowd of average-looking people and you stand out. Why? Because you aren’t average. You have a rock soul and your rockstar look boldly shows it. You are a great and confident metal style man. In one word you are the ROCKER. Think for a moment. What suits you better: adapt trends and ever-changing fashion or be a unique rock style girl? If you chose the second option – here is the right place to be. We aim to fulfil your desire to stand out from a crowd, yet stay a beautiful desired woman. Your home is your temple and you are free to live here your way. No matter what interior design you prefer: gothic, occult, rock ‘n’ roll style room or even punk – here you will find everything for easy DIY room decor and items to underline your Rock Lifestyle.

HARD’N’HEAVY – for those with rock souls.