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Body harness for men: what is it and how to make it work

Body harnesses for men are great items for a fun time, mostly made of faux leather with metal elements and designed with adjustable buckle straps for better support and comfort, easy to put on one's body, and easy to unbutton off. Most of the pieces of this category are adjustable and highly elastic, which makes them fit most body types and quite an inclusive type of bodywear. Men's leather body harnesses are perfect for various settings and occasions, such as cosplay parties, rock events, photoshoots, roleplay, other various alternative fashion related events. Shop for body harnesses for men and you will be satisfied with the results, finding your new style. Pick a favorite or two, make perfect outfit sets with them, experiment and be confident about the new image you're putting on.

Men's chest harnesses as a piece of fashion trends and their alternatives

  • Chest - A body chest harness is often crafted with adjustable buckle straps on the shoulder area, chest area, and/or waist area for easier access to both putting the item on and taking it off.
Show off your body in a gothic leather male body harness decorated with metal rings for better support and chains for more room to play around with it. Such items go over your muscles, highlighting the best features and can still stay comfortable to you, as you're the one controlling the process, adjusting your harness as you please. Go for gay chest harnesses or harnesses with rings, these and many more are waiting for you in our collection. Some harnesses come mostly with chains, pieces like that look gorgeous, especially on top of contrasting outfits, or if the person wearing it shirtless has a nice tan to their skin. Sometimes an alternative fashion harness has more buckles on the back and nothing but straps at the front - truly an interesting creation, revealing at the front but with a surprise on the back.
  • Don't forget other body parts - You can also find a body harness that doesn't only cover the shoulder or chest area, it also works as a choker - a well-connected item always looks amazing. You can also pick up an elastic garter belt for knees if you wish to go all out on the details of your alternative outfit.
At HARD'N'HEAVY, we offer a great variety of different harnesses - take a closer look at the collection and pick the one you like the best, or stock up on a whole set of different styling for different occasions. Don't be afraid to take a fashion risk, no matter how far it goes, it's never too late to experiment with your fashion and you should be proud of yourself for going out of your comfort zone to try out something new.