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Women's creeper shoes: the origin and the variety

Creeper shoes originate from the times when soldiers wore them in the desert during World War II. Those were the days that are considered the root of such footwear. They have evolved into a new approach; however, the base idea itself has been around for many years. They go well together with various outfits, boosting your height a little, but your confidence - a lot! A chunky shoe with, typically, suede upper coverage and think soles is what a creeper shoe itself is. Many celebrities have rocked those shoes in modern times, proving that they have a place in the fashion world and can work with many fits and occasions. Creepers were considered part of the fashion of some subcultures before, but now they're a pretty standard kind of footwear for many styles. Creepers platform shoes complement alternative outfits very well, get a pair to match your tee and mini skirt combination, add a cool jacket and some accessories - a full-on alt princess look is ready! Black or white platforms, go for a pair with nothing but contrasting laces on them or take a fashion risk and get some with an outstanding design with fantastic elements on them. The choice is yours, you do you and follow your heart when shopping, and we here at HARD'N'HEAVY will gladly be your guide during that journey.

Gothic platform shoes, alternative women's platform creepers and more

Some styles that creepers fit the best are:

  1. Gothic - You've spent ages creating your outfit for that highly anticipated party, and your shoes seem far too plain for the clothing you prepared? Worry not, we got you. Grab a pair of sleek shiny black creepers with an image of a skull on each of them and pick up a matching accessory or two and be confident; people won't be able to forget your presence for a long time.
  2. Alternative - An outfit full of asymmetric pieces and a pair of alternative creepers, especially with a fabulous hairstyle and make-up, will be your advantage anywhere you go. Go for a full-on alt look, and don't look back on the ordinary fits that made you hide your true potential. Build the courage to take a fashion risk and enjoy the outcome.

HARD'N'HEAVY offers a wide range of women's creepers: from alternative and gothic platform shoes to more casual models as well as those that will fit an all-girly look with a dress - a pair of creepers with lace. Such a combo will create a pretty contrasting outfit, and such shoes will serve you for a long time.