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The power of leather body harnesses and how they impact your style.

They are some of the best items to add to an alternative outfit. Here at HARD'N'HEAVY, you will find a vast collection of leather body harnesses to wear under or over various pieces of all styles you can imagine. Along with gorgeous harnesses, we offer multiple garters you can use to highlight specific body parts and give your looks a firm feel.

For an eye-catching look, wear a tight harness that goes over your curves like it was made just for you. It's the right path to draw away the attention of whoever will witness you in one from the spots you'd like to hide, in a way, and highlight the parts you're most confident in. Try pairing leather body harnesses with different items and additional accessories for an extra cool look.

The rich amount of options: a full-on fit or a chain body harness?

It's a given that such a product can boost your confidence and remain secure as long as it's appropriately tied and adjusted not to interrupt any of your movements. A body harness is not an odd thing for alternative fashion, too. You may even see them being used in gothic, punk, grunge and more various styles.

If you are unsure how to make it work well for your fits or pick a perfect one for yourself, here at HARD'N'HEAVY, we will help you out! There are various kinds of harnesses available: full-body ones, leg garters, chest straps, chain body harnesses etc.

  1. Full-on coverage - If you strive to find good support and create a fierce impression on various parts of your body, go for a full-body piece. You can choose a full-body tight one and wear it over a bodycon, a mini or a loose dress to show off your body silhouette in its best angles and your most vital points. Most items are easily adjustable and will help you turn plain outfits into mysterious, fierce and powerful, sometimes contrasting borderline cute outfits with the usage of leather harnesses.
  2. Bra type - In various sources, harnesses are often listed as pieces of lingerie. While it can be accurate in specific fashion contexts and depending on particular buyers' occasions and personal goals, it doesn't necessarily have to fit that limit. You can wear it over a crop top for extra security or a long sleeve bodysuit, a dress, a shirt in certain outfits - the possibilities are endless here. Adjust the straps just how you need and enjoy the new highlight of your fits. Guys can also flex their muscles in items of such sort; pick the styling you like and experiment with your fashion, as it doesn't have to be limited to gender norms whatsoever; everyone can have fun exploring their style.
  3. Garters, straps and chains - Pick an elastic ring harness that will cover your thigh as a bit of detail that will become a good highlight of the fashion idea you're going for or a garter belt that goes from your waist down to your thighs. Guys can shop for chest straps that will highlight their shoulders well and won't get in the way of the cool tops you may choose to use in a pair with them, and if your goal is exposure in that area, a chest harness will do an even better job. A chain body harness will provide the best of both worlds in fashion. Leather for keeping it all neat and secure and metal details for contrasting materials and color schemes - imagine how cool one looks under the lights in the club or the club flashlights during photoshoots.

HARD'N'HEAVY will help you feel like a bombshell with our products; each is carefully handcrafted and designed for your curves to obtain a whole new look that will give you a huge confidence boost!