Men's Neckwear: Spiked Gothic Chokers - Bold Fashion Statement

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Introduction to Rock Neckwear

For fun rock nights when you feel like your outfit lacks something you might need a nice neckwear piece to finish the look. Here at HARD'N'HEAVY we offer a large variety of beautiful items that suit any taste and occasion for when you need to add some fierce touches to your fit.

Types of Chokers

Chokers come made in various types of materials. It's important what kind fits your style best so that you feel comfortable and confident when wearing it. We offer you a nice variety of chokers to choose from when you need to spice up your party outfit. Gothic chokers, for example, look very cool with a matching fit and provide an artistic look, which especially works well if you're a performer of any sort - always good to have at least a couple in your collection to rock the world!

Sleek Black Chokers

PU and faux leather sleek black chokers are a must if you're a dedicated fan of the true rockstar fashion - depending on the atmosphere and your outfit overall each choker can create a different feel to your entire presence. Go for a simple feel with a classic black strap choker with interesting details to it - a metallic locker that comes with a key, what a way to impress everyone with just one piece of neckwear!

Chokers with Spikes

For a more extraordinary look grab a choker decorated with spikes - black or metallic, short or long, whatever type your heart desires to proudly wear for the night out. Chokers with a few layers of chains and rings look great for when you need to be extra with your fits, pair one up with a modest outfit for a nice contrasting look or, on the opposite, add one to clothing and shoes that are just as fierce as the said choker.

Gothic Collars and Buckles

A black gothic collar with buckles can be mixed well with ripped skinny jeans, a skull shirt, a cool leather jacket and combat boots. Chokers are perfect items of neckwear to add to any fit you desire for a stronger impression. Whether you're attending a rock concert, a festival, or even performing (which is where pieces like this work best - your stage presence will become even more noticeable when you're enjoying every little detail you have on) or you're in need of a nice rock fit for a photoshoot - HARD'N'HEAVY gives you a huge variety of items to choose from.

Rock Your New Piece with Confidence

We offer pieces of various colours, adjustable and solid sizes, decorations (spikes, buckles, rings, locks), chain chokers and even leash chokers - choose what you need right now and rock it with confidence and pride. Compare different pieces to each other and pick what works best for you, rock your new piece with confidence and pride.