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Introduction to Scarves and Bandanas

Wrap yourself up all well and warm this season with our selection of men’s scarves and bandanas. At HARD'N'HEAVY we offer a good variety of items that will serve you well in both hot and cold weather, wind, or burning sun - we got you covered! Scarves and bandanas for various occasions for a fair price and with a guaranteed great quality are waiting for you here.

Neck Balaclava Scarves

We have scarves of different types suitable for every little and big adventure you wish to rush into! From neck balaclava scarves with numerous fun prints to headbands in rock style that are so useful for working out or for active walks outside as well as open-air festivals - pick your print and rock it with confidence.

Benefits of Neck Balaclava Scarves

A neck balaclava will be fun when you don't know what to wear to a rock concert that is being held in a summer festival format out in the open air, in a field, or a similar area. Items of that category are well done of high-quality microfiber and polyester, making them windproof which on top of everything makes them suitable for motorcycle rides when you're on the road. The said materials also provide great resistance to UV and protect your skin from excessive sun rays and if it happens to rain a little it will come in handy as well.

Styling Neck Balaclava Scarves

Balaclavas like this dry very quickly and will never be a nuisance during long travels or for when you have to spend days living in a tent. They also look really cool if you wear one at cosplay events - pick a print that fits the occasion theme the best - maybe it has to do with a representation of different countries? We have quite a few flag print ones to help you represent yours the best!

Scarves for Extra Protection

Besides fun long neck balaclavas we also offer pieces that cover more space on your body and are specifically made for conditions where you need extra protection from excessive sunlight, dust, dirt, and other unfortunate factors that can interrupt your adventures on the road or wherever it may be.


Worry not, we guarantee top-level quality as well as cool looks - buckle up, cover up and go on with your plans. Take a look at our great collection and compare various items to find your perfect solution for your next move!