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Men's leather belts and their role in your outfits

Look at your planned outfit carefully, it might be missing something. You have your cool t-shirt ready, your denim jacket, and alternative fashion pants ready, what's left to add is a cool alternative belt for men! They have often been essential items in the rock trends, sure you can go out without wearing one if the size of your trousers allows you to do so, but sometimes even the coolest outfits just look very plain without one, so at times with belts, there's a rule, the more extra - the better. We have plenty of different pieces for you to pick up from our wide range of men's leather belts, from the ones that are on the modest, simple side to those covered in holes and rivets to cater to true rockstar fashion style. Pick a belt of the needed style, material, length, color, width, and type of buckle easily with our large collection. Whether you're gravitating towards old school and vintage styles of good old days or on the opposite you're looking for different ways to add something new and fresh to your wardrobe, something you would never even imagine yourself wearing - we can offer enough pieces for both mindsets.

Studded belts, a variety of belt buckles and more

Studded belts are well-decorated and it benefits pretty much any outfit you can possibly think of. Go for a combination of a ripped T-shirt, dark denim jeans, cool boots and don't forget to add a studded punk belt to the fit to make it look complete and fabulous! Regarding buckles, that is where things get even better, because those are easier to alternate with different outfits since they belong on belts and often being detachable they're super simple in use - pair them with belts of any color and style as long as the sizes match well.

  1. Choose the shape - Incredibly well-detailed belt buckles with 3D elements are so pleasing to look at when trying on new fits with leather rock belts. Besides, this kind of buckle can help with cosplay outfits - a little extra representative detail is gonna add so much to your portrayal of whichever character you chose to show to everyone at the party. There are belt buckles with head-shaped elements, different patterns, Celtic symbols, logos with sayings, animal-shaped ones - all of this and even more you can find here at HARD'N'HEAVY.
  2. Stick to a theme - Grab a belt with a guitar-shaped buckle if you're performing at a cover party, or even more fun - your own gig for a better impression from your stage rockstar fashion inspired and driven outfit! Belts decorated with rivets with simple buckles also work really nice as a contrasting combination of extra and ordinary which makes your presence extraordinary!
Simple alternative fashion combinations also work really well, emphasize your shiny buckle on a spiked belt with a matching long necklace and a spiky choker if you're willing to go that far in the number of shiny things you put on - a nice ratio of metal elements will definitely benefit your look for the night out.