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The Evolution of Wallets

Do you remember your very first wallet? That was the first step towards future financial responsibilities, and with time, the item became more and more useful for you while you were learning how to handle money responsibly. Wallets for women are some of the most necessary items since we deal with money almost on a daily basis. After changing over the centuries, modern wallets were first brought to life in the 1950s and have been an essential piece to own ever since. With time the shape, materials, and styles have evolved greatly and nowadays we're open to a great variety of wallets of any sort. 

A Large-Scale Variety of Wallets

HARD'N'HEAVY offers you a large-scale variety of high-quality wallets of alternative fashion, from small to large, from simple to extra. Browse our collection right now, compare different pieces to see which you like best for your formal or rocker outfits. You can also alternate the same wallet and use it to create both looks, we can teach you how. Choose a simple wallet of the size that feels the best for you that you can easily put in the pocket of your denim shorts when you're out for a quick grocery shopping. You can also go for a more extra look with a black PU leather wallet decorated with skull-shaped rivets all over it with several compartments for comfortable use. An item like this will complement an outfit that consists of gothic clothing and gothic jewellery, especially if there's at least one more skull-shaped element - a nice contrast will add so much to the entire look. Wallets may seem like a very basic everyday item, but in reality, they can add so much to your style as well. 

Cardholders for Convenience

If you own several plastic and paper cards like credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ID, other card-shaped important items - no need to overstuff your favourite wallet, take a look at our cardholders instead and distribute your belongings fairly for your own comfort. You can pick a PU holder with a simple design and average size so that it can easily fit in your handbag or a pocket in your leather jacket, even. Holders protect your cards from weather conditions, excessive dust, dirt, and other inconvenient factors. You can store all of your cards in the same cardholder or split them by their type and purpose into different ones, it all depends on your personal preference. 

Shop for Alternative Fashion Items

Here at HARD'N'HEAVY we make sure you can find items of alternative fashion and mix them together well enough to feel comfortable and confident anywhere you go, check out our collections and pick what you like the most.