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Gothic Lolita shoes and their role in fashion

When the time comes to search for new shoes, no matter if it's for a special occasion or just for a fresh start in your shoe collection, it's always fun to try something new. For example, the classic Mary Jane style that also works well with various other kinds. Lolita style it is! Lolita & Mary Janes work well for many different fashion ideas, concepts and occasions. Whether you lean more towards the cute and sweet fashion concepts or the rock diva behaviour when you get dressed, those shoes can easily benefit both!

Here at HARD'N'HEAVY, we offer a variety of colours, designs and materials just for you.

  1. Heels for days - Shop for some Lolita heels to pair with your favourite dress for a fancy night out, and you will be amazed by how well-sculptured your outfit is! You can pick a simple pair of black Lolita platform shoes with a nice buckle that goes around your ankle or experiment here and there and get a couple of sets done in an excellent colourful design.
  2. Gothic Lolita shoes - our gothic Lolita shoes and Mary Jane styled pieces will significantly complement your prepared outfits or help you create entirely new ones from scratch. Pick up a shiny glossy pair, add them to your fit and enjoy your events. Or go for gothic Lolita pumps with cool metallic decorations on them, such as rivets all over and star-shaped buckles; a fabulous look full of comfort is guaranteed!

Women's Mary Jane shoes: the variety and how to blend them into your wardrobe

If you're looking for a new fun way to brighten up your outfits or make them look more classy, depending on the product, you're at the right place. HARD'N'HEAVY offers a great variety of Mary Jane style shoes. Platform Mary Janes are a perfect choice for matching colour scheme dresses or sets of blouses with skirts. Test this fashion theory out on your own and watch the proof unveil when you put your gorgeous fit on and finish it with Mary Jane heels as the cherry on top.

Gothic Mary Jane footwear will fit the theme of your highly anticipated events with ease in a matter of seconds. Don't be shy, and let these gorgeous shoes help you build a greater sense of confidence! Go for a round toe pair or pick a different design, browse our collection and see what works best for your taste. Alternate your Mary Jane shoes with various clothing and accessories; for example, wear a matching outfit with a strict colour scheme and go for a bag and shoes of a different colour that will match each other, a nice contrasting look for the day. You're all set!