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The Necessity of Watches in Modern Times

Even nowadays with advanced technology when people spend a lot of time on their smartphones and simply do not need other devices to be able to tell what time it is a watch is often a necessity for people that find having one comfortable since it's attached firmly to your body, unlike your phone. People working in big corporations and offices especially enjoy having a watch or even a set to match with different outfits and moods. Have everyone's attention wrapped around your finger when you wrap a cool watch from our collection around your wrist! Show off your new luxury watch and feel like a true king when you have a nice matching outfit to it too. We offer a large stock of different watches with great functionality and gorgeous designs just for you. In the best traditions of alternative fashion, we can provide you with interesting pieces for any event you would like to wear a watch to.

Unique and Alternative Watch Designs

Besides the classic type that you wear on your wrist, we have many more unique items. For example, a nice round chain pocket watch carefully crafted in the best tendencies of steampunk fashion will represent the feel you are going for with your outfit for the night in a matter of literal seconds! A watch like this has also a vintage look to it with all the details, works nicely for cosplay parties or indie rock concerts if you wish. You can also take a look at leather skull decorated watches that will compliment any outfit that features gothic clothing, match them up and you will have a perfect fierce look as a result.

Matching Watches with Different Styles and Outfits

Vintage watches with wide leather bracelets as the base are such a catch for any season, too. Decorated with rivets, buttons and little buckles they look luxurious and will definitely catch everyone's attention and make them turn their heads to look at your wrist better, this is how captivating the details are! Sleek looking stainless steel watches look equally amazing with both formal clothing and rock clothing - pair them up with a good old suit & tie combo or a stylish outfit of edgy clothing, grunge clothing, gothic clothing, and any style you wish to go for, it's all fun - experiment with different combinations to achieve your perfect party look or a concert outfit, always stay on track with time and keep your cool look on at the same time.

At HARD'N'HEAVY we have a large variety of alternative style clothing, shoes, and accessories for you to be able to put together incredible outfits and alternate your favourite items with each other, expressing yourself to the fullest with any crazy fit idea you get, you have plenty of time and our collection of watches will guarantee that you will always be on track with it.